Level Flow Rig

Level Flow Rig

This rig is mounted on a powder coated box section frame, fitted with swivel brake castors complete with an aluminium 5 bar checker plate base shelf & top shelf & a brushed stainless steel back panel.

The purpose of this product is to help teach the principles of flow, level, volume and differential pressure. Water is pumped at a low pressure from a storage tank via a submersible pump. The water supply is controlled via a series of electrically actuated valves. Water is pumped into a precision machined cast acrylic measurement tank. The flow to which can either be manually controlled or automatically controlled by a vessel level monitor/controller. The level measurement from the tank is taken from an ultrasonic transducer and fed back to the controller.

Another potentiometer controlled actuated valve controls the flow of water through Water Flow Measurement board. This consists of a manometer panel connected to each of the features (sudden enlargement, venturi meter, orifice plate and an elbow). The water then circulates through a variable area rotameter and back into the storage tank.

A differential pressure transmitter is connected through a 5 way manifold valve to the measurement tank and a small condenser wet leg system. All mounted on a powder coated box section frame clad with polished alloy checker plate and brushed stainless steel.

Included in the rig are Siemens MultiRanger monitor/controller, Siemens ultrasonic level sensor, Cussons Water Flow Measurement Apparatus, Submersible pump with float switch, Storage tank with sight glass & drain valve, Digital differential pressure transmitter, 5-way manifold valve and 6mm small bore pipework with compression fittings & stainless pipework and fittings throughout.